Here’s episode 23 of the Writing Talk Podcast.

In this episode of the Writing Talk Podcast, we’re looking at handling the significant turning points in your fiction writing.

Plus this week’s writers’ toolbox tip. There’s also a quick review of my news.

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Show Notes


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Main topic

Fiction should have great turning points – scenes that engage us fully because the characters are experiencing a shift in some way.

Don’t be tempted by homeward bounders (taking shortcuts to rush into a scene).

Build towards your turning points – they must matter to the characters. First we need to know what your character wants or needs, but don’t explain this – give us clues and let us work it out.

Then we decide whether to give them what they want, or deny it.

Put their goal just out of reach.

Build tension, use conflict and raise the stakes carefully. Give hints and clues that something is amiss.

Finally, go in for the kill. Describe the scene fully. Use snappy, naturalistic dialogue. Describe the scene without too many cliches and hackneyed phrases. Effective use of body language can be very economical here.

This is the place to let fly with some punchy descriptions – make this prose electric.

Writers’ Toolbox

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