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Writing Fantasy Fiction Live

In this episode I have a go at writing a sample of fiction with no preparation whatsoever. I’m using a random image as a prompt, and in this case it took me into writing in an unfamilar genre: fantasy.
I hope you enjoyed it, but the main aim is to stimulate your own thinking.

I wrote this using typora, a free text editor for Windows, OSX (beta) and Linux: Typora

Here’s the finished text:

Harald ran. He ran hell for leather. He ran as though all the demons of xyz nipped at his heels with their curled claws. He dashed downhill, his hobnail boots skittering over the damp granite setts of Fore Street. Ahead, the shadows between the crooked pillars of the Dragon Masters’ Temple shifted and stirred, the torches set into the wall above the great wooden door flickering in the chill evening breeze. Harald slowed his pace, veering to the far side of the street, making his footsteps softer, all the while keeping one eye on the temple, his gaze flicking across the darkened windows. But all was well. No pale faces peered from within, and the hounds had not yet been tethered at their posts beside the door.

Harald took a steadying breath and forced himself to keep walking, his eyes on the welcoming lights of the tavern just a few yards away.

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