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In this episode, we’re how to maintain the motivation you need to finish your writing projects.

There are three prongs of attack!


Match an activity that you enjoy with your writing, e.g. listening to a favourite soundtrack. It’s important that the enjoyable activity is one that you are prepared to do only while writing.

You could also pair an enjoyable reward with each writing session, e.g. a special blend of coffee or a special treat. Just remember that you can only have the treat while or after writing.

Breaking Down the barriers

Breaking down the processes needed for each writing session into tiny steps, as small as you can possibly imagine, e.g. switching on your laptop might be one of the steps.

Visualise the steps as fully as you can.

What could get in the way of each step? How could each barrier be overcome?

Write it all down!

Be thorough, be honest, picture each step in your mind. Imagine yourself overcoming each obstacle. Mentally rehearse the process as fully as you can manage.

Visualise Success

Finally, picturing success can help to keep you motivated.

Imagine in detail what success will feel like. Focus on the details and use your senses.

What will your finished paperback smell like? What sound will the pages make as they turn?

Writers’ Toolbox

The Steal LIke an Artist Journal by Austin Kleon

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Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

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The FITZ App

Fitz is a simple chatbot helping you achieve positive changes in life. It uses an approach called Functional Imagery Training (FIT).

FIT is a unique approach to behaviour change that uses mental imagery to motivate change. FIT teaches people new ways of thinking about their immediate future to help them stay motivated as they achieve each small step towards their goal.

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