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Publishing your book – Should You Go Wide or into Kindle Unlimited (KU)?

Today we’re looking at the pros and cons of putting your book into KDP select (often referred to as Kindle Unlimited or KU since this is what it’s called for participating readers) and comparing it to wide distribution on all retailers (going wide).

Both are long-term strategies.

Kindle Unlimited (KU) gives you:

simplicity – ease of distribution, admin and record-keeping – effective use of time

Free days – 5 per term of 90 days – but is this valuable at the moment?

Kindle countdown deals (often known as KCD) – can be useful but only in the UK and USA so can lead to disappointed readers

Exclusivity – this is an iron-clad restriction

To some extent, you’ll be governed by Amazon – this may be acceptable

Huge market share

Amazon working hard to draw in users to KU

Page read income can be significant and alters the economics of advertising

Are KU readers going to be the ones you want?

Going Wide gives you:

Unrestricted freedom

Ultimate control

Access to a very wide global market

The other retailers aren’t sitting still – they want a share of the ebook market

Can be more work but Draft2digital simplifies this immensely

You’ll get flexibility and the ability to change direction and adapt to new opportunities on other retailers

You’ll be focusing on building a readership of people who’ll pay for your books

You might sleep better having spread the risk

You’ll lose page read income

Some advertising strategies may be uneconomic but Bookbub ads become more useful.

It’s up to you to decide between KU and going wide

Make a decision  based on your long-term goals

Your career may last decades – build towards a sustainable future

Don’t be swayed by hearsay

Don’t try to copy someone who is in a different league or a different genre.

Stay positive and stick to your guns – there are millions of readers out there, some of them may be waiting for your book!

Writers’ toolbox

Book: Going Wide Unboxed by Patty Jansen – free on Kobo and non-amazon stores: find it here

David Gaughran’s informative post: A Tale of Two Marketing Systems

Draft2Digital – my recommended distributor

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