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Publishing your book – How can we make your book description work?

Today we’re looking at the perennial problem of writing product descriptions (sometimes called blurbs) for our books on Amazon and other stores.

Let’s take a step back and think in terms of strategies.

Product descriptions are sales copy so we need to become better copy-writers

We achieve this through the regular and frequent application of our craft.

Every tweet, Facebook post, email, blog post, newsletter and so on, can be copy-written.

We need to become copy-aware.

Use white space.

Every word must pack a punch.

Be economical!

Be precise – you only have a few sentences – you don’t want them to be misread.

Questions can work, but pseudo-questions can be irritating.

Formulaic descriptions might get you started, but innovate!

Be aware that words carry inference – we don’t want to encourage negative emotions.

Each sentence must grab attention AND lead the reader to the next.

We are not trying to explain or describe a book – we are trying to entice the reader.

Does your copy intrigue us? Does it make us want to read on?

Evoke an emotional response.

Who are your readers? What re they looking for? What cues will they recognise?

Encourage the reader to empathise with your characters or situation.

Walk them into the showroom of your imagination.

Introduce them to your world.

Compell them to stay!

Match the tone of your description with the genre.

Write several variations then walk away and look again.

Get peer feedback from writers IN YOUR GENRE.

Use ads on Facebook or Amazon to test copy.

Writers’ toolbox

Reedsy marketplace – find professionals to help with your book projects.

Mastering Amazon Descriptions by Brian Meeks – find it online

edited: I no longer recommend Plottr to plan your novel as I found it had stability issues.

The writing resources page on this site.

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