Here’s the fourth episode of the Writing Talk Podcast.

As writers we’re all guilty at times of being heavy-handed. But what do we mean by being heavy-handed and what can we do about it to make our writing tighter and more effective?

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of using overtly literary language and this often leads us into dragging up cliched and hackneyed phrases. So are these phrases really needed, or are they just flabby prose that gets in the way of the story?

I hope you enjoy listening.

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Action Points

Use global searches to identify over-used “writerly phrases”

Eliminate them right now. Your text will be leaner and more effective and you’ll feel better.

Write several very short piece of flash fiction

Try and write a satisfying little tale in as few as 100 words. Suggest progression as effectively as possible. Avoid giving just a vignette. Tell us a story with a message rather than just displaying a slice of life.

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Do you have any advice to share on how to avoid heavy-handed writing?

Also, just for fun, can you suggest an interesting way to say someone raised their hands in surrender?

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