Firstly, apologies if you were one of the first wave of listeners and you wondered where this podcast had vanished to. I’ve had a lot of work on with my writing, and in face, I still have. I’ve just launched my scifi techno-thriller, CHEATC0DE, and I have the next two Darkeningstone novels in the pipeline: one is still with my editor and the other is nearing the end of its first draft.

Putting that aside, I’m relaunching this podcast today. Why now? Because there is never a good time to start a project and it’s no use waiting for one. If its something you’re passionate about, do it today – or start it anyway. And if you possibly can, carry on every day. Build momentum. I hope to continue with weekly episodes. Thank you for sticking with me and for your patience.

Today’s topic is: Starting your writing with an emphasis on honesty and integrity rather than length.

Here’s the episode, I hope you enjoy it,

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Show notes

The new podcast structure – following through from first concepts to finished novel.

How to avoid writing a novel and steer clear of pitfalls. Watch this talk by Ray Bradbury, a master of the short story

Start small, think big – economy is everything. Story doesn’t come by the pound or the kilo – it comes in moments.

Integrity and honesty shine through.

The magic is in the rewrites. Rewriting a novel is a daunting prospect but a short story is much easier to face.

Where do we start? Writing from our own experience.

Writing prompt

Write honestly a short piece based on your own experience. The theme is “Doing something I didn’t want to do” – take it any way you wish, e.g a task, a trip to the dentist, ending a relationship, delivering bad news. Feel free to make changes to respect the privacy of everyone involved including yourself. Try to respect the content as faithfully as possible. Make us live it along with you.

Don’t write it for me – write it for you.

Rewrite as necessary. Take your time. Make it shine.

Post in your online space and comment here with a link. Please provide positive feedback for others. I’ll check in with entries where I can, but please note that I am pushed for time at the moment. I’ll do my best.

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