Having a good idea for a novel is the first step, but how do you develop your concept into a great book?

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Episode Notes

This was a wide-ranging discussion, but here are some of the main points:

Research genres before you begin, and try to find out where your book would fit. If you don’t do this, marketing will be an uphill battle.

Find a niche that is identifiable and matches the kind of

Write a series so that you can earn money via read-through, otherwise it’s hard to make profit.

Write a first draft in one go – don’t keep going back and editing.

To get into the flow of writing, avoid distractions and use sprints for say 45 minutes. Don’t stop for research, just mark the place with a symbol and then you’ll be able to find it later on and revise and research as necessary.

Rewriting is key.

Develop all characters, not just the main ones.

Maintain and control the pace of your stories to keep readers turning the pages.


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