Here it is – the inaugural episode of the Writing Talk Podcast.

In this episode I discuss how we go about achieving a working attitude to our writing.

What is the mindset that we need to develop if we want to progress with our writing?

How do we go about establishing that mindset and how do we maintain it?

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Action Points

If your profiles say “aspiring writer” or something like that, go and change it now. If you’re a writer, you’re a writer.

Finish something today! It doesn’t have to be something big – complete a piece of flash fiction, a short poem – but finish it.

Feels good doesn’t it?

If you want that feeling again, you know what to do.

Links to Free Writing Resources:

Ambient music – worth a try but you will need decent comfortable headphones:


rainycafe – my favourite

Prevent Those Interruptions – Download Your free Writer at Work Poster:

free poster for writers

Download Your Free Writer at Work Poster

The above link enables you to download your free poster from dropbox – you don’t need a dropbox account to download it.


What would you like me to cover in future episodes?

How do you get into the right mindset for writing? And how do you keep it going?

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